I am not gone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm moving sites!

So, everyone has been wondering why I haven't posted as normal. Well, I have been experimenting with a new application called iWeb from the iLife suite from Apple. I really love the creativity it allows me and have decided to go in that direction. I haven't unveiled the address yet because I was hoping to have my own domain setup however I'm having difficulty with that. Please bear with me as I figure out how to work the darn thing! LOL! Here is the temporary address where I will be posting my blog, photo albums, and a video page. This way everything will be contained in one website. I will still have my Picassa albums where I will be storing my photos, but you can view them also in my new website. I will let everyone know when I have figured out how to work my domain. For future reference it will be www.katverse.com. Till then please go to the following website to view my new re-vamped location and let me know how you like it!


I look forward to hearing feedback on the new site. Since you missed a week of blogness, you will be delighted to see that last week's entry is in there already along with this week's blog on Halloween as well as halloween pictures and all the pictures from October. Please enjoy and one more thing to say....


Update will be tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello all...Quick note.

Just dropped the In-laws at the airport today so I will have more time to work on the blog and pictures tomorrow. Sorry for the delay....had to be a good hostess. :)

Thanks and check in tomorrow (Thursday) for the update!

Good night to all!

Wow I can sorta hold my head and find my hands!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well...so much has happened in one week...ok..maybe in a few days since I posted stuff over the weekend!

Kaitlyn is having fun discovering her hands! She loves twiddling them and sticking them in her mouth and drooling on them, it's really quite cute. Then she will stare at them for a while. She's like mommy....amused by simple things.

It really is sweet seeing a baby discover these things and so amazing how they are so amazed by it all. Such innocence! Imagine if they had more than two arms! The possibilities are endless I tell you! Anyway, during last nights fussy time, she had a nice peaceful few moments where she was playing with daddy. She played and talked and was having a grand old time. We cherish those happy moments which unfortunatley are followed by the fussy time. Ha ha ha! I feel for her, she had a rough day with going to the docky and everything. Then she got dragged around the craft store...such a horrid life! :)

Before the evening set in though, Kaitlyn and I had a lovely time outside. Well, I had a lovely time, she slept most of the time and nursed while I read and got bit by mosquitoes on my face. It was gorgeous out though. Hopefully it will get a tad cooler so the mosquitoes will go away! I have seen her improve her neck stability so I decided to try the little Bumbo Chair I got at a consignment store (it even came with a little tray!). She's getting better and I thought I'd share some pictures with you. She get's so excited when she sits!

So tomorrow Kaitlyn will meet Grandpappy Haberlack and Grandmammy Diane! Can't wait for them to see her! It will be very exciting! They aren't picture people (like Skip) but I will try to snap some for everyone to see! Word is that we are going to New Orleans this weekend since Diane has never been. Hopefully I can have my beignets at Cafe Du Mond. Thats all I want!

Well..that is all for today..got lots on the agenda! See you all soon and don't forget to subscribe to my post and become my follower..then you will get updates automatically when I update!

Have a fun week everyone!

Matt's Farm and Orchard Harvest

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a nice time we had with my Peaceful Beginings Mom group today. We ventured up to Tombal at Matt Farm and Orchard Harvest Festival. It was very peaceful up there and although the sun was hiding behind the clouds, many of us thought it was the perfect fall weather! There they had a nice little play area with swings, slides, a campfire, tetherball, volleyball, they had persimon trees, tangerines and pumpkins. We got to pick our little pumpkins from the little bale of hay in the entrance and as you can see from the picture above, we took the ones we sat next to. While we were at this farm, we also got to take a scenic hayride toure of the property. Nestled between pines and lily pad ponds was a nice little farm with different trees for fruit picking. There were also little hidden surprises like a bale of hay shaped like a caterpilar and "Boot Hill". Very cute! We were a nice group that went and I even got to take Skip along kicking and screaming. LOL! He bonded with Amy's husband Craig so it was nice to see him with other dads.

Since it was our first time there, we know for next time to bring hotdogs for roasting and some smores to cook over the open fire they had. Hopefully next year Kaitlyn will actually be able to enjoy the farm and run around and play with the pumpkins. I bet she will love the hayride more too although she seemed quite content with the bumpy ride. Here are a few pictures of the day we had there. You can see all the pictures in my Picassa album.

So much to say....so little time to blog!

Friday, October 17, 2008

He he he...

Hello everyone! So, as you know I have been having a hard time with my uploading of new pics for this week. But I do have some nice stories to share...so you can all enjoy those! This week has been just a whirlwind! I will start with some events that happened last week since the last blog.

I went to my first Organic Co-op on Wednesday and met with some of my mom friends from Peaceful Beginings. Here they supplied fresh fruits and veggies from organic growers. You would purchase shares and then pick them up the following week. They had the most beautiful Eggplants you would not believe! Here is their website: Southeast Organic Co-op. So this week I was able to pick up my small share of mixed items (fruit and veggies) and my share of fruit. This is what I got in the end:A very nice little spread I think. I was so excited that I right away got to cooking. I got in that little bunch some green onions, acorn squash, apples, pears, nectarines, juicing oranges, sweet potato, avocado, cherry tomatoes, grapes, and romaine lettuce. I wanted some soup so I used the acorn squash and added potatoes and carrots to the mix and made a spectacular creamy soup to die for. So yummy and comforting! I also made some delicious juice...soooo goood! Anyway, can't wait to see what they have next week!

This week I also was able to enjoy the joys of my Level One Aromatherapy Certification! Woo hoo! It was taught by my friend's mom Meg at her place where she runs her business. It's called Gritman (Here is the website: Gritman Essential Oils). Because I will be working with Aromatherapy and essential oils they suggested I take this class with them. Of course it was simply wonderful and I learned soooo much! It's amazing just how complex essential oils are and just HOW MUCH they can do and benefit your every day lifestyle. Just think how good you feel when you smell lavender...or peppermint...Well not only does it involve your sense of smell but can also affect you in all of your senses not to mention their healing qualities for both physical and mental ailments! It's just incredible! I'm really excited to start working with Amy. More details to come in the future about that. I'm still working on a name and logo for my part of the business so you will all have to wait to see what comes of that! LOL!

Over the weekend was Tatiana's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATI! LOL! Alex and some friends and I planned a surprise party for her at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday. While I was supposed to go, I got stuck in some nasty nasty traffic that made Kat get road rage and loose her temper and go back home. I did hear that she had a lot of fun and was super excited which made me feel so better yet still sad that I couldn't be there. :( Sad Kat. Meow...whimper whimper. Now she is in the 30s club. Hee, hee! We will rule the world!

I was calmed down during the weekend though since we got to hang out with our friends too. On Saturday night my temper tantrum was subsided by Theresas wonderful cooking and game playing! We got together with another very nice Coast Guard family with all our kiddies. We played this awesome board game Cranium. My goodness that was a lot of fun. So fun that we immediatley set another date to meet again. So...this Sunday I am going to be hosting the next game night. Finally we found some friends to play board games with! I'm telling you, it's not as fun with just two people! Ha, ha! On Sunday we also were delighted with great company at Christine and Wedge's house. They had a scrumptious BBQ and I got to meet even more coastie families. Guess you could say it was an Aromatheraputic Coastie Weekend! By Monday morning though...I was so tuckerd out from everything that I was a bit sick with allergies or something. But I recovered well. (Thanks to some mighty fine Eucalyptus oil!). And there is Christine and Kaitlyn (and Connor's hands doing bunny ears, he he...)

Going back to Kat's working situation...aside from doing the whole Aromatherapy thing I'm also looking to sell things that I make homemade that relate to natural living and what not. I've been looking online and with my friends and some of them sell hommemade products like breast pads, femenine cloth products, cloth diapers, and other eco friendly handmade products. So I dabbled in this and started taking sewing lessons from a friend in our Peaceful Beginings group. She is teaching us how to sew! I know a little bit already but in the first class we had yesterday I learned so much! Next week we are doing a field trip to the fabric store. At any rate Here are two samples of what I've made..(Guys don't be all immature about what I've sewn OK? Yes..they are feminine products...deal with it! Ha, ha ha!)

Anyway, I'm proud of my little wonky products. Here you see a set of Breast Pads for nursing mommies and next to that are three examples of cloth pantyliners. I can say taht they are friggin comfortable and just so very cute! Much nicer than some stupid plastic "cotton" imitating thing that clog up our landfills. But I digress.......;)

Kaitlyn also enjoyed a very fun first! Her very first official PLAYDATE!! Got together with Amy and Ava, Kim and Ethan and Kim's cousin-in-law and her daughter Jordan. Here are some pictures. It was so nice. Yes, Kaitlyn was asleep for most of it, but during the time she was up, I think she was happy to see other babies. Kim made some delicious Banana muffins and Amy brought some very yummy sandwiches! I brought the oh so un-nutritious yet satisfyingly good white chocolate chip cookies. :) You have to balance all that healthy stuff you know! LOL!
In the pictures we have...Ethan and Ava (with Kim watching) in the first photo. Then we have my kid...sleeping as usual....below that is sweet sweet Jordan, and the creme de la creme picture (by yours truly) is little miss Ava!

So there is so much more to say, but I have to go get ready for our excursion today to Matt's Farm and Orchard. Our Peacefull Beginings group (the mommy group) is going to this orchard where there is a little fall festival and hayride reserved for us. Very cool and exciting! Can't wait to take some pictures with little Kaitlyn. Everyone keeps telling me nobody ever sees me with my daughter...well duh...I'm taking the pictures! Ha! Hopefully I can get some Kat face in there too with Kaitlyn. Till next week here is a cute pictures of Kaitlyn to tie you over: